I’ve been busy working on a new project, @ShrednTrim. An Instagram (IG) fitness motivational page my workout partner, Alex, and I created. It has been a lot of fun & I am learning A LOT about IG (along with fitness and health=D). Alex and I have been exercising together since September of 2013. We really enjoy going to the gym together and we will even rearrange our schedules so we can workout together.

Alex and I talked about creating an IG fitness motivational page a few months ago & decided to take the leap & create the page this past June, 2014. The timing was perfect…. Alex entered an athlete search on IG hosted by a supplement company, 1st Phorm  & I was looking for another project. What not? The page was launched June 4, 2014 & received an encouraging amount of support. As of now (July 10, 2014) the page has a total of 639 followers & a lot of positive feed back. 

Being a giant nerd, I took the social media marketing into account as fun marketing project. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being able to motivate people to exercise and become more fit (not to mention I have changed my lifestyle to be more health focused). However, the online marketing aspect is a big interest for me. Let me just say…I’ve learned a ton about IG. I thought I knew IG from a personal level but taking the approach from a marketing level is much different

A thing or two that I’ve learned:

  1. KIK: Is a messaging platform a lot of people on IG use. You’ll see this in bios (which, by the way, has a character count of 140). Since IG doesn’t have a  direct chat message platform, users commonly use KIK. However, you can DM with a photo and then add a comment but cannot just DM text to a user directly.
  2. People PAY ridiculous money for a ‘shout out.’ First off, why didn’t I think of this when IG first became popular. Second of all, why would someone pay $50 for a shoutout? A lot of times, the person charging for the shoutout will remove the page after a certain amount of time (8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours). Of course, the price varies depending on the person who is charging & their amount of followers plays a part. (@ShrednTrim does NOT pay for shoutouts!)
  3. Hashtags can break. What I mean by this is that you can post an image with a selection of hashtags. Depending on the frequency of the hashtag you should see the image indexed at the top of the grid. Sometimes there can be a broken hashtag (you won’t know which one because none of them will work) and the image won’t be indexed (or shown on the searched hashtag grid). This is one of my obstacles with IG as we rely on the hashtags to be found. If the tags don’t work, we delete and try again and again until it indexes (a few hours between attempts).
  4. Take advantage of free analytic services. What kind of online marketing / SEO person would I be if I didn’t evaluate data? Not a good one. We can see who unfollowed us or who gives us the most likes. A ton of useful information can be found. @ShrednTrim uses Iconosquare (formerly Statigram - the company whose 2013 year in review for personalized accounts went viral.) 

If you have IG be sure to look up @ShrednTrim for fitness motivation, workout ideas and healthy recipes. We even started a blog, check us out by clicking here. We are having a lot of fun & really enjoy sharing our passion for fitness & health to the public. 


Until next time,

Jenn L.

Guest Blogging: DanonymousRacing.com

As you may or may not know, I’ve fallen in love with horse racing. While preparing for the Ms. Racing Queen pageant I learned SO MUCH about horse racing and discovered a sport I care about. While tweeting away during the weeks of the Ms. Racing Queen competition, I met a fella named Dan. Dan hosts a website, DanonymousRacing.com, and so graciously took the time out of his day for a quick phone interview.

DanonymousRacing is a FREE website for horse racing fans everywhere. Dan and his team are passionate about providing everything a new or former horse racing fan needs to know. The site has free picks for upcoming races, jockey journals and handicapping contests.

Dan offered an opportunity to write a post for his site as a guest blogger. No questions asked, I was super excited! Check it out: Guide to Hosting a Kentucky Derby, by Jenn Johnson . The topic, hosting a derby party, was chosen because the Kentucky Derby, the first weekend in May, usually falls near my birthday, May 4th. Attending the Kentucky Derby has always been on my bucket list. Since falling in love with horse racing, it’s moved up a few spots on the list. (In fact, the next time the derby falls on my birthday is in 2019, I will be attending. I am ready to reserve lodging!)

My friends were all so excited for the derby! Everyone asked questions and was so pumped for the race. Mint juleps, of course, were part of the picture. One of my friends, Will, was SO EXCITED California Chrome won he paced for a good 10 min after the racing cheering and chanting. (Of course, I was happy too. His reaction was priceless!) It was pretty awesome to get my circle of friends pumped for the race. They all wanted to know when the next big race was going to occur. 

Needless to say, we are all pumped for the Preakness Stakes. Another celebration shall occur and this time we are going to set a GoPro on the T.V. to capture the excitement.


Until Next Time,

Jenn L.


Product Review: The Dollar Shave Club


The Dollar Shave Club is a subscription company that sends its customers razors monthly. That is right, razors.  My coworker, Jacob, shared with me one of their promotional videos, a very tongue-in-cheek style YouTube video with over 13 million views that even had me persuaded to join the club.


…but I didn’t. I thought of my boyfriend immediately. He is always buying razors and complaining about them. I thought, why not give Dollar Shave Club a shot? I signed him up for the medium package of $6 a month and each month he receives a new set of blades. It was a hit on Christmas.

What is so awesome about this company is their customer service. It is easy  to downgrade to the lowest package of $1 or upgrade to the highest package of $9 (three different options of $1, $6 or $9.) Each time you downgrade or upgrade, you get a new handle. Before the next shipment of boxes (AKA: withdraw from banking account) they give you the option of changing blades, buying a new handle or adding another item to the shipment. The packaging is very manly and the tongue-in-cheek copy continues. At times, they will toss in a free sample with very off- the- wall products, like these One Wipe Charlies.


The Dollar Shave Club isn’t only for the fellas. My boyfriend didn’t go through all of his blades last month so I downgraded to the $1 package, got a new handle, and a new set of razor blades. Let me just say, the $1 option is well worth it.


Thumbs up to the Dollar Shave Club. From someone who is in the marketing industry, their material is very catchy. They openly address colon cancer & they have a mission of informing the public about colon cancer, a great CSR platform! Not to forget to mention, their website isn’t too shabby.


Until next time,


Jenn L.

The 3rd Weekend of #MsRacingQueen

The 3rd weekend of Ms. Racing Queen was as fun as the first two. The Gulfstream Park contestants got a chance to test their betting skills, a special tour of the backside and another mini Q&A question in the walking ring.

Leading up to Saturday.

The attire for the day was derby wear! That meant two things… dresses & hats! My approach for the contest was to take each weekend as they come. Even though I knew derby was going to be the attire for week three, I didn’t buy a hat since I wasn’t sure if I’d be selected to return. I was pretty excited to shop for a hat but wanted to do so on a realistic budget. So, I went to TJ Maxx and picked up the first big sun hat I found. It happened to be PERFECT! It was colorful & it was my favorite designer, Kate Spade. A match made in heaven, I purchased the $40 hat! I already had the dress from over a year ago and it was purchased at Plato’s Closet, originally from Express.

Kate Spade hat (from TJ Maxx), Plato's Closet dress (from Express), Express belt (had in my closet) and Journey's shoes (not pictured)(had in my closet).

Kate Spade hat (from TJ Maxx), Plato’s Closet dress (from Express), Express belt (had in my closet) and Journey’s shoes (not pictured)(had in my closet).

My Experience.

The backside tour was for sure a highlight of my day. The Stronach Group has done a great job providing for the workers and making the facilities functional for both the horses and the workers. There are dorms on site that can compete with most college dorms, the barns are in great condition and the horses even drink filtered water!

Followed by the backside tour was another chance to test our betting skills. A lot of my bets won! Yay! It is such a fun feeling to cheer for your horse and collect the winnings. Even if it was a $2 bet, you could still win $20 or more! That is what I really like about horse racing, you can bet as little as $2 on a couple of horses, spend only $20 for the day, have a lot of fun and still make a great profit!

Another mini Q&A session took place in the walking ring. It was pretty quick, each contestant was asked one question before making the elimination from 20 girls to five. This was a pretty nerve wrecking part of the event. We had no idea the elimination was going to happen after the question!

Backside tour mini photo shoot with one of the horses!

Backside tour mini photo shoot with one of the horses!

What’s Next?

I did not make the final five selection. I was pretty bummed about it but looking back at all of the experiences and memories I’ve gained, it was well worth the adventure! Not to forget to mention, both James and I were able to benefit from our trip to Hallandale. While I was at Gulfstream, James was able to fly with this father and build his hours! A win-win for us!

Sometimes in life, you don’t get what you want, and that is just the way the cookie crumbles. I remember during my job hunt adventure, I wanted one particular position very badly. When I didn’t get it, I was so sad and disappointed. I felt defeated in the job market. Shortly there after, Upright Communications called. I am beyond glad they did! It is the perfect position and with the perfect dynamics I was seeking. Looking back, I am happy the other company rejected me. Upright Communications is where I belong!

As Johnnie Walker says, keep walking. “Your entire life, every routine, every risk, every moment, every step forward and every step back, had led you here. To the next step. & it has the power to change everything. It has lead you to the next step.” I only wonder, what the future has in store for me!

Thank you, Mr. Frank Stronach for a special glimpse of the horse racing industry.

Until next time,

Jenn L.

The 2nd Weekend of #MsRacingQueen

I am having a ton of fun at Gulfstream Park for the Ms. Racing Queen contest. This past Saturday was filled with a lot of great memories. From testing our betting skills to meeting key players of the organization, it was entertaining! If you haven’t attend a horse race, add one on your bucket list, you’ll have a great time & I am confident you’ll be back.

Cigar - Gulfstream

Cigar – ‘Horse of the World’ at Gulfstream Park.

Leading Up to Saturday.

It is important that Ms. Racing Queen can talk the talk and walk the walk. Studying up on the industry and understanding the industry is critical. The directors and staff of The Stronach Group provided the contestants with literature to learn more about the sport. Each contestant was given homework, to recognize a lady in the horse racing industry who inspires you & who has made strides in the industry. (The winner will be recognized on the day of the final pageant & a donation will be made in her name.) I chose Julie Krone for her winning attitude and ‘can do’ personalty. Not to forget to mention the first female jockey to win the Triple Crown, first female inducted into the National Museum of Racing and hall of Fame.

My Experience.

The t-shirt was very comfortable and it looked great with skinny jeans and nude heels, a classy look. We got to meet a chaplain, photographer, trainer and few jockey’s! They each took the time to tell us their story, all so inspiring. Before branching off for fan interactions, each contestant got to place bets with a betting voucher!

A highlight of my day was testing my betting skills.This was a lot of fun! Based off of the literature they gave us and my research, I made my bets. It my first time walking up the counter and placing my bets. This made the day even more exciting because throughout the day, I was eager to watch the races & see if my horse won. It kept me on my toes all day! I even asked a fella for the results of Race 4.

My bets for the day!

Putting the  betting skills to the test!

The fan interaction was another highlight of my day. I didn’t want to approach anyone while a race was going on, so I walked down by the rail, took out my phone, and recorded the horses running up to the finish line. I felt so much energy! Everyone started to chant louder and louder, until the horses reached the finish line. I couldn’t help but to smile! 


To view the video on my Instagram, click this image.

Another mini Q&A session took place in the walking ring / paddock area. Each contestant introduced herself and was asked questions on the topics of Ms. Racing Queen and the horse racing. It was another opportunity to meet the judges and speak in front of the horse racing public.

The day wrapped up in the Winner’s Circle, a great way to finish the day! We were up close and personal for Race 8. It was at that moment that heard the sound of thunder the horses make when they run by. We took many photos in the Winner’s Circle & had a really great time.

In the Winner's Circle at Gulfstream Park.

In the Winner’s Circle at Gulfstream Park.

What’s Next?

Well, I have been selected as one of the top 20 semi finalist. So very excited! This upcoming weekend is Derby wear, yay! I have been taking the time to study and network. The directors are encouraging social media promotion among the contestants, so I have been on the channels tweeting and hashtaging away. I was even able to connect with a journalist from Americas Best Racing from twitter. Dan, so graciously took the time out of his day to chat with me about horse racing! He has a lot of savvy ideas to promote to the target market!

Tweeting Convo's :)t1

This weekend means another elimination. From the top 20 to the top 5 in each state. I’m a bit nervous, ok I am more than a ‘bit’ nervous. However, I am working hard and focusing on the important details. Nervous are totally normal =D. I truly feel I can do the job and be the candidate they are seeking.

Thank you to The Stronach Group for this amazing adventure. My time thus far has already been life changing.

Until next time,

Jenn L.

Continue to follow my journey with the hashtag #JJ4MRQ

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PS: I have to give a shout out to my awesome boyfriend, James, such a great supporter of my adventure.