This or That?

Maintaining the LFC social media pages can be slightly challenging. I have learned that it is important to test different styles of posts to see which fans respond to the most.

Since LFC has over 30 fans on FB, it is easy to track how many people “saw” a post. The “saw” post gives two options 1) Organic which tracks the number of people who saw the post either on their news feed or ticker 2) Viral tracks how many saw the post in a friends news feed.

I have noticed that pictures get the best reaction, especially cute pictures. For example: I shared a photo from Walt Disney World that featured Animal Kingdoms baby animals. Who would not want to see a baby elephant or giraffe? That particular post was seen by 48 people, 4 of which were viral and the remaining was organic.

This also worked in my favor because the post was shard from Walt Disney World and their post was very active. The number of people who shared the post was much lower than the people who liked or commented. You never know, someone may want to see who shared the post. If they did then they saw Lakefront Cottages Vacation Rentals happened to be on of them.

Today I made more of an interactive post. *Screen shot posted below* I asked if anyone had any fun plans for the 3 day weekend. Most people are off and spend this time with their loved ones at the beach or BBQ etc. I have noticed that perhaps interactive posts are not ready for us. My goal is to create posts (within time) that are interactive and people respond too. This will come in time when the number of fans increase.

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With the RNC coming into town on August 27th MediaFusion wanted to create a little bit of….HYPE. What other way to do this than hosting a flash mob in Ybor City on the Friday before. Very happy to be a part of this awesome event AND MediaFusion got global press! Way to go!

Check out the photo of me and the other two summer interns. Image

Day of Sunshine (:

LFC Case Study is unique in many ways and one of them is the level of involvement. Not only do I create ways for exposure for LFC, I am also involved with landscaping! Today a member of the LFC team and I sprayed round-up on the beach of the cottages where the Osprey, Eagles Nest and Blue Heron are located.

This was…. Exciting because of the increase in water levels. Thanks to the many storms the water level has risen quite a bit. This makes to the experience that much more interesting. Using a Chuck Wagon the LFC team member drove the Chuck Wagon through the water where plants have grown while I sprayed the weeds!

Can’t wait to see the results and a even prettier white beach! **Did not get a picture of the excitement*

But I did get a picture of the Sunset Cottage where I was able to enjoy dinner.


LFC Pinterest : To view LFC

Just when I feel like I am pinning my little heart way on Pinterest someone re-pins something or likes something of LFC! This is exciting because this means what I am doing is working and reaching out to people. Creating EXPOSURE!


Letter of Recommendation

Click the link below to view a letter of recommendation from Penny Won of Hollywood Obsessions. I had the privilege to learn a lot while working at HWOBS. My duties included managing the staff,  creating catchy window displays or merchandising the floor. My absolute favorite responsibilities included traveling to the merchandising conventions. This allowed me to put my fashion skills to use! Picking out the clothing for the boutique was so much fun! It was a great reward to see someone rant and rave over their newly purchased jeans from the boutique…. jeans I essentially picked out for them!

Jennifer Johnson Letter of Recommendation

Content Used 2X!


Wow! So excited to log on to FB and see a post from Media Fusion’s client and it just so happens that it was a posted that I created! This particular client is a landscaping company who targets commercial and residential. Check out the screen shot below to see the post. AND two people liked it! (Couldn’t get that in the screen shot but I promise it is there!)

Throughout my internship with Media Fusion I spent time primarily researching content and partnership for this client. Whether it is content for their newsletter / blog or  online directory partnership it is very exciting to know that a post which I created was posted on their page!

…Vacation is Always On My Mind!

Social media has taken over a large part of our day-to-day time. We stand in line at the grocery store and we pull out our handy-dandy smart phone to view our Facebook. It is as easy as that! Or, we see a super cool picture and we Instgram it. My first mission at LFC was to create the social media pages and content.

Challenge: Current LFC Facebook was also the owners personal FB page. Her personal FB contained friends that are her personal friends and LFC specific friends. It is important that the LFC Facebook page is set up as a business page. This meant a new LFC page and content must be created all while transferring the current friends and creating publicity to obtain new likes.

Result: We were able to create the business page with no problems. View it here: LFC FB After the business page was created, the owners page was selected to be an admin. This allowed us to send invites to like the new business page.

I found that when created content for the FB that it seemed as if I am always on vacation! My office is after all on one of the properties. …Why not create a Pinterest page? So I did! View it here: LFC Pinterest . This was another great way to create publicity. Pining pictures directly from the site and using their site at the central “hub”. (Shout Out to Cindy @ Media Fusion)

Now that the FB and Pinterest social media is up and running they must be maintained. Grabbing content from the Pinterest or created some sort of “fluffy” post was my main strategy. (Shout out to Maria @ Media Fusion) This was another great way to send people off to either the LFC Pinterest or the main site.

Until Next Time….