Bring it back to elementary school and discover the ABC’s about me! 

A : Adventurous: Enjoy activities such as horse back riding, kayaking, running and even yard work 🙂

B-Barrel Racing: 4-d Reserve Champion.

C-Crafty: Once designed my own clothes and almost every Halloween costume!

D-Dog: Dog lover ! Must say hello to every little furry friend that comes across my path.

E-Effervescent- bubbly like Champaign. Just like my personality.

F-Fashion: Love everything about fashion!

G-Goals: It is important to set attainable goals.

H-Horse: Grew up around horses! Reserve Champion in my district.

I-Impeccable: I believe it is important to be impeccable with your word.

J-Jazz: One of my favorite types of music.

K-Kate Spade: Favorite designer. She is classy, curious and sophisticated.

L-Lobbyist: Was once a lobbyist that influenced Florida’s current seatbelt law.

M-Motivated: Pushing for success at all times.

N-Nordstrom All-Star: Awarded All-Star September 2011. Most prestigious award and I am proud 🙂

O-Observant: Pay attention to detail even the smallest details.

P-Public Speaking: While some dislike public speaking I throughly enjoy it. Largest crowd I’ve spoken in front of was over 1,000 people!

Q-Questions: I believe it is okay to ask questions.

R-Redbull Flugtag : Pilot for Brick House Tavern and Tap – Flew 22 feet.

S-Studious: It is important to put your time into your studies.

T-Talkative : I enjoy talking and meeting new people.

U-Understanding : Can relate to all types of people due to my unique background.

V-Virtuous : Having high standards and morals is an important trait in the real world.

W-Workout: I enjoy to exercise 4-5 times a week. Cardio is my favorite!

X-Xenial : Better known as hospital, especially towards guest.

Y-Yellow: I love bright colors and this one happens to be one of my favorites.

Z-Zebra and giraffes : Animals that make me smile (:

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