Content Used!

Yay! Interning at Media Fusion gave me an opportunity to learn how to research content for a client. This particular client does business with roofers. Therefore, as a PR firm their goal was to find content that would relate to the roofing industry. Any sort of trivia or storm related education would be acceptable.

Research on the roofing industry was interesting… especially for someone who has never owned a house! After much research, I conducted a trivia question about roofs!

Going hand-in-hand with the roofing and weather, Media Fusion asked me to create content that would have some interesting facts about weather. Lucky for them I took Tropical Meteorology at USF and learned A LOT about hurricanes and such! Combined with my tropical meteorology and PR knowledge a FB post has been created!

Check out the post below!

Check out the roofing trivia question and the storm post!

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