…Vacation is Always On My Mind!

Social media has taken over a large part of our day-to-day time. We stand in line at the grocery store and we pull out our handy-dandy smart phone to view our Facebook. It is as easy as that! Or, we see a super cool picture and we Instgram it. My first mission at LFC was to create the social media pages and content.

Challenge: Current LFC Facebook was also the owners personal FB page. Her personal FB contained friends that are her personal friends and LFC specific friends. It is important that the LFC Facebook page is set up as a business page. This meant a new LFC page and content must be created all while transferring the current friends and creating publicity to obtain new likes.

Result: We were able to create the business page with no problems. View it here: LFC FB After the business page was created, the owners page was selected to be an admin. This allowed us to send invites to like the new business page.

I found that when created content for the FB that it seemed as if I am always on vacation! My office is after all on one of the properties. …Why not create a Pinterest page? So I did! View it here: LFC Pinterest . This was another great way to create publicity. Pining pictures directly from the site and using their site at the central “hub”. (Shout Out to Cindy @ Media Fusion)

Now that the FB and Pinterest social media is up and running they must be maintained. Grabbing content from the Pinterest or created some sort of “fluffy” post was my main strategy. (Shout out to Maria @ Media Fusion) This was another great way to send people off to either the LFC Pinterest or the main site.

Until Next Time….

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