This or That?

Maintaining the LFC social media pages can be slightly challenging. I have learned that it is important to test different styles of posts to see which fans respond to the most.

Since LFC has over 30 fans on FB, it is easy to track how many people “saw” a post. The “saw” post gives two options 1) Organic which tracks the number of people who saw the post either on their news feed or ticker 2) Viral tracks how many saw the post in a friends news feed.

I have noticed that pictures get the best reaction, especially cute pictures. For example: I shared a photo from Walt Disney World that featured Animal Kingdoms baby animals. Who would not want to see a baby elephant or giraffe? That particular post was seen by 48 people, 4 of which were viral and the remaining was organic.

This also worked in my favor because the post was shard from Walt Disney World and their post was very active. The number of people who shared the post was much lower than the people who liked or commented. You never know, someone may want to see who shared the post. If they did then they saw Lakefront Cottages Vacation Rentals happened to be on of them.

Today I made more of an interactive post. *Screen shot posted below* I asked if anyone had any fun plans for the 3 day weekend. Most people are off and spend this time with their loved ones at the beach or BBQ etc. I have noticed that perhaps interactive posts are not ready for us. My goal is to create posts (within time) that are interactive and people respond too. This will come in time when the number of fans increase.

Until Next Time =)Image

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