Nordstrom All-Star September 2010

A little background as to how I fell into the arms of Nordstrom.

Lets time travel to December 2009….. I was the operations coordinator for Hollywood Obsessions. I got word from the corporate office that the store was going to be closing and we were going to be out of jobs within the next couple of months. Although this was devastating, I learned a lot about closing down a store and the operations / managerial aspect that is required. I committed to stay with Hollywood Obsessions until we closed the doors for the last time.

…But that doesn’t mean my bills get paid by a magical money tree! I had to find a job! So the job hunt began.

*Please note 1-3 occurred in a 2-3 week time period.

1) Interview with Express and landed the job. This only lasted through the orientation phase because….

2) I interviewed with Michael Kors and landed the job. Started out on the sales floor with potential to move up to assistant manager. ….but this didn’t last very long because…

3) Nordstrom called… and I landed the job.

I began working for Nordstrom in the B.P (juniors) department. I absolutely loved it. Nordstrom taught me about exceptional customer service, how to make customers fall in love with you and how to run a business. I viewed the department as my store and my goal was to increase my sales.

September 2010 I was granted the Nordstrom All-Star award. The most prestigious award given to any Nordstrom employee. In complete shock at the rally, the manager Debra read a note about me. To say the least… I was blushing.

This was written from my supervisor, Amanda.

“J.J is the definition of a Nordstrom All-Star! She is consistently wowing her customers and making them feel as though they are the only one around. She truly just wants to make the customer happy and always seems to do this was a dedicated and professional ease. She concentrates on what the customers style is and offers thing to bring their wardrobe to the next level. She has a can-do attutdude. Nothing is ever a problem with J.U. She jumps at every challenge given to her. J.J. recently took over as the Savvy Ella Moss Specialist and achieved the #2 increase in the company .She jumps at he opportunity to help out her fellow departments from B.P., Via C, to St. John. She is up for anything you throw at her. J.J. continually strives to briner her business to the next level through building strong and lasting relationships with her customers. J.J’s customers are always impressed by her service and are inspired to write numerous letters to let me know how much they love her. We are so happy to have J.J. as part of our team and I can’t wait to see her continue down the pyramid of success!”

The benefits of being a Nordstrom All-Star:

1. 33% discount (highest discount one can recieve…. even store managers)

2. Photo on the wall

3. Special business cards

4. $100 bonus

and much more!

So lucky to receive this award !

Guest Relations!

I have started to write e-mails for LFC. This gives me exposure communicating with the guest and answering any frequently asked questions. Guest relations is very important aspect of many companies and at LFC it is no different. My goal is to communicate with each inquiry in a positive way and send them to our main website, FB and Pinterest to offer more visuals of the properties.

I write each e-mail as a draft and then re-read each e-mail out loud (smiling of course to sound friendly) to make certain it flows properly. After I double check my work a LFC team member proof reads it (because mistakes can happen) before sending it off to the client.

Writing e-mails is actually a lot of fun! I feel like I wait by the computer for the response 🙂

Glossophobia? Not Me!

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. The word is Greek, glossa meaning tongue, phobia meaning fear. Studies have shown that the number one fear in America is public speaking. …I am scared of the dark!

I have been comfortable with public speaking ever since I was a little girl. I believe this all steamed from my parents family business Triple J Equine Horse Products. Our family would travel to different rodeos throughout the state of Fla., Tenn., MS and WY. Our family would set up a Triple J booth to sell product. In between my horse shows I would go up and down the arena promoting the company. Keep in mind I was only…. 10 years old. I loved it! This is where my “gift to gab” was formed.

Since then I found myself always volunteering to be the spokesperson in group projects. I even spoke impromptu at congress meetings as a lobbyist and on-stage as a form of competition in pageants. Competing in pageants really taught me impromptu speaking because the question was always a surprise. You had to prepare foe EVERYTHING!

-All of my speeches in my Public Speaking class were impromtu. I had topics and key points in mind but very little memorized.

-Prepared for Strawberry Queen in Plant City, Fla. This is where I learned a large bulk of my interview skills and impromptu. …Because being Strawberry Queen is compared to (in my opinion) Miss America.

-Worked several promotional events!

-Organized fashion shows

-Cold-call sales

-Redbull Flug Tag Pilot 2011 : Brickhouse Tavern and Tap. The moment I realized how much I love public speaking. On the flight deck in-front of over 110,000 people the guy tossed a microphone in-front of me.

Here is a photo of me and the principal of Mann Middle School where I spoke to the 8th grade class about the importance of seatbelt safety and did an interview with local news station (2006)!




#Hashtags & #SEO

The use of hash tags is growing and it is growing at a rapid speed! Hash tags can be found on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. The really cool thing about hash tags is that it helps with search engine optimization (SEO). This is a really great tool.

In my situation I use the hash tags on the LFC Pinterest page. This is a great way to find something and use the hash tags while re-pinning. Zooming-in on LFC publics and doing my best to create exposure to the public, I have used the hash tags as a secret weapon. For example, LFC is focusing on the Disney Public. People LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Disney World and everything about it. I have found many blogs about people who travel to Disney and document their entire trip. Creating a new pin-board on the LFC just about Disney.

Items have been reposted and this is great! Exposure is on the rise!

…Rome was not built in a day… still have a lot of work to do to create publicity!


Using Blogs for PR!

There are many benefits of blogging for public relations. There are a few key outlines below 🙂

Five benefits of corporate blogging from MMI PR

1. “If corporate structure is a building, then blogs serve as the windows.” – MMI

– Corporate blog promotes transparency

-Allows customers to see what is going on internally within a company

-Good and bad reviews draws people into reading and staying up-to-date and creates a degree of trust

2.  Human voice to a company’s name

-Proven that society thrives on interaction

-Write the blog post as if you are writing to a familiar acquaintance

-Don’t just blog about current work that is being done but add posts about current events and trends

3. Clients and potential customers create the conversation

-Engage readers in a conversation to invite them to be a part of the blog

-Benefit of maintaining a blog is the ability to respond to comments

-Be proactive about responding to negative posts

4. Drive traffic to the Web site.

-The blog will create traffic to the Web site

-Proven that stock has risen with blogs

5. Measureable

-Able to tell what works and does not work

Exposure, EXPOSURE, exposure by Dianna Huff

1. It takes time to create the content, find followers and see results. It all pays off in the end!

2. Create original content for your blog. This can be time consuming but once you get into your groove, it will be routine.

3. Shows expertise but must do so in a quick way! Try to avoid lengthy posts in this case K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Silly) works best.

4. Expertise gets found…. people search the web and boom they find your blog!

5. Reporters come to you!


Top Tips by Business Benefits of Bloggers

1. Research! It is important to have accurate content on your blog but also find what works best for your company.

2. Follow positive bloggers for your company. This will help the image of the company in a positive light.

3. Build a relationship with the followers. Comment to create the reader / blogger interaction. They’ll be loyal to your blog!


I’ve been re-pinned~

I can’t deny it….I love Pinterest! It is such a great way to share ideas and photos. Everything from do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to landscaping. With that being said, I posted my blog information on my personal Pinterest account. (My Pinterest) It recived a like from a personal friend and a re-pin from someone else, pinned under the board Flash 145 – Internship.

Now, I am not sure what this means BUT I can assume it is something positive. Other pins on the pinboard were among the topic of internship, college students or careers.

I have tried reaching out to the person who pinned the blog but they do not have an e-mail listed! If you are reading this…. THANK YOU!