Do we remember Myspace? Perhaps this was the ‘jump-start’ of social media and social media networking? Myspace was created in 2003 and is still functioning today. However, Myspace was the social networking site… at one point in time.

Lets travel back to 2009. During this time I was involved with photo shoots, planning fashion shows and a couple of hair and make up gigs. I took this opportunity to start a hobby, or maybe even a small business. It was called, Style By Jenn and it was on Myspace. I connected with a local photographer, Bill, and explained to him the potential of working together.

I saw an opportunity to increase revenue, so I tried! Basically, the idea was to sell each others business. I promoted his work as a photographer and he promoted my work as an artist. He took the pictures and I helped pick out the outfits for the shoot, made sure their hair was styled on location and make up was polished on location. Myspace acted as my ‘hub-spot’ or my Website. I created a portfolio of work to feature.

The partnership was successful! We worked on 4 or 5 shoots together. I learned a lot during this adventure. Social networking and networking. Showing up on time and being professional was of importance.  Check out the photos below!

On location!

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.12.03 PM

Screen shot !

Interesting how Myspace fizzled out and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc fizzled up. Wonder where our social media will be in four more years!?

Until next time,

Jenn L.


  1. I definitely remember MySpace. Back in the day, I was all about it. I was featured in Cosmo Girl’s first MySpace Top 8 and at my “MySpace peak” had over 35,000 followers. I used my page to make money even and worked it to my advantage. That’s when it started getting out of hand, in my opinion. There were tons of spam profiles that took over, lots of creepers, and it just changed. I decided to delete my MySpace in 2007 before I left for University. I focused more on Facebook then anyways. Sometimes I regret it because for such a long time, my MySpace page meant so much to me. It was great in the early years — you could really connect with like minded people with similar interests as you. I connected with a ton of friends that way. I’ll miss those MySpace good ol’ days!

    — Christine @

  2. -Christine, I agree about the spam accounts. There were a lot of those. Interesting to see that you were featured in Cosmo Girls Top 8! That is very cool! Facebook did become more popular during 2007. I think it was because they deleted the ‘invite’ only feature. I understand what you mean about your Myspace meaning something to you. It was like a sentimental commitment to a social media page. This is another reason I believe it may have ‘jump started’ there way social media is today.

    Jenn L.

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