Kitty Gets a New Home

The other day my boyfriend, James, rescued a kitten that was wondering our neighborhood. The white kitten with marble accents would playfully follow the mail lady or the youngsters going to the park down the street. When my boyfriend walked over to the kitten, he was super friendly. The mail lady didn’t recognize the little guy nor did the neighbors in the area. The kitten was covered in fleas and had a bit of a stench.

So….he brought the kitten home.

The little guy had so much personality! He would play with a tennis ball or just randomly zoom across the room. Although the kitten was cute, he could not live with us. We waited a few days before starting to find him a new home, just in case missing signs were placed around the neighborhood. It was important that we find a home for the kitten soon. The little fella deserved a home where he can get the attention it deserves.

I posted on Facebook that a kitten was up for adoption and my Uncle Steve, my father’s brother, offered to rescue him! Uncle Steve just so happened to be in the market for a kitten. It was perfect! Off to Gainesville  we went to meet with my Uncle Steve to give him his new kitten.


The picture above is of Uncle Steve, the kitten and I at Harry’s Seafood Restaurant Bar & Grill (so delicious)! It was love at first sight. Uncle Steve named the kitten, Nettles. These two will be absolute trouble!

It feels great to have found Nettles a new home!

Until next time,

Jenn L.


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