News to Share!

I’ve got exciting news to share….I have decided to enter the Ms Racing Queen (MRQ) contest! What does that mean, exactly? The organization, The Stronach Group, which is hosting the MRQ contest has a very active role in the thoroughbred horse racing industry. It just so happens that The Stronach Group is looking for a representative to promote the thoroughbred horse racing industry, otherwise known as the Sport of Kings, on a national level.

….& It gets better

Based off of research, the role of MRQ has a lot of open space in the public relations & online marketing industries, two industries I absolutely love. Sure, the MRQ contest is a ‘beauty pageant’ but they are not looking for the traditional pageant girl. Yes, I do have pageant experience (remember the blogs Glossophobia? Not Me! & Strawberry Queen Pageant? ) but that is not where I am getting the urge to enter the contest. From what I gathered, they are looking for a representative to help brand the MRQ organization and The Stronach Group by being active in the thoroughbred racing industry, a task I know I can do! The thoroughbred racing industry is something that has always captured my interest and I have become familiar with it :). [Fun Fact: Going to the Kentucky Derby has always been on my bucket list.]

The Details.

The MRQ contest begins on March 1st at Gulfstream Race Park, every Saturday in March. March 2nd at Santa Anita Park (another property owned by The Stronach Group) in Calif., another group of ladies are competing for the title. Every weekend, in each state, a group of gals will be eliminated. On March 22nd, the top five in each state will compete for the title of Ms Racing Queen.

Follow My Journey!

You can follow my journey and cheer me on by visiting the hashtag, #JJ4MRQ (#MsRacingQueen or #MsRacingQueen2014) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & WordPress. I will be posting throughout the events =D!


Super excited and cannot wait until March 1st!

Until Next Time,

Jenn L.

*Updated on 2/21/2014 @ 9:50 p.m.


Hey, I took that photo!

Ok, something really cool just happened & I must share.

One evening on Jan 29th I was slicing strawberries in my kitchen for my breakfast the next morning. While slicing & chatting away with my BF, I looked down at the sliced mini mountain berries and saw one made a perfect outline of a heart. I instantly gasped and shared it with my BF. I wanted to preserve the heart to show my co-workers the next day. Colleen, my supervisor / mentor, agreed that it was super awesome & encouraged me to post it on social media.

So, I did. But not like a normal person. This social media loving individual decided to post the image & tag the company, Wish Farms, on all socials. They responded on FB and liked the image. I thought it was pretty cool.

(Image below of the FB post)


Then, this evening, I was scrolling through my newsfeed when I see my image. I stop. I GASPED! The company that I tagged, Wish Farms, used my image for their social media Happy Valentine’s day post. I am so shocked & stunned. As a social media guru, this is pretty exciting! Oh, might I add, Wish Farms is a local business from my hometown – Plant City, Fla., the winter strawberry capital of the world.  (Remember the Strawberry Queen post?)

Check out the image below of the post Wish Farms used! Great traction & engagement, too!


So exciting!


-Jenn L.