The 1st Weekend of #MsRacingQueen

In my last post, News to Share, I shared that I entered the Ms. Racing Queen contest. The contest was kicked off this past weekend at Gulfstream Park in Florida and Santa Anita in California. Since Gulfstream Park is located in Hallandale, Fla., which is about four hours from my house, I have enter the Florida division.

 Leading up to Saturday!

Outfit planning is definitely something that I do. It makes me feel organized & prepared for the occasion. Not to forget to mention, I feel confident the day of the event. Of course, I outfit planned leading up to the Ms. Racing Queen contest. The attire of the afternoon was ‘resort wear.’ An outfit you would wear while visiting a nice hotel or destination. One of my favorite looks!

I thought it would be a lot of fun to pick out my top three outfit choices and ask my friends on social media for their fashion advice. I must say, I received an encouraging amount of responses. Both my girl friends and my boy friends commented on which outfit I should wear. After much consideration, I chose the floral print, other wise known as choice two. The floral print dress is a ‘fit and flare’ style dress and allowed for more ‘breathing’ room.

Social Media Advice Post Outfit Pick Post

My Experience.

My time at Gulfstream Park for the first weekend of the Ms. Racing Queen pageant was everything and more than I could have imagined. The day was a lot of fun and even started off with a toast from the directors wishing us all best of luck for the contest. You can’t help but to notice that the property is in tip-top shape & is absolutely beautiful (The grass is so green!!!). Everyone that I was able to meet was super friendly and truly passionate about their job & the horse racing industry. I can’t speak for the other contestants but they truly made me feel like a special guest.

We got an opportunity to meet key players of Gulfstream Park such as Ron Nicoletti & Christina Bossinakis. It was pretty awesome meeting Ron & Christina in person. To get better acquainted with horse racing jargon, I listened to handicapper reviews of Ron & Christina. Without a doubt, they are personalities of Gulfstream Park.We also got a tour of the jockey quarters where I met Javier Castellano, a very prestigious jockey. The contestants and I spent quality time in the paddock / walking ring and got a personal view of the parade of horses.  There was a mini Q&A session between Tatiana, the current Ms. Racing Queen & each contestant in the paddock. This was an opportunity for the judges to get to know us and for the contestants to get a feel of what it is like to speak publicly in front of the horse racing community.

What Next?

I made the second cut, top 50! This weekend will be another weekend at Gulfstream Park! The photo below is of the top 50 girls and I. It is going to be another special weekend & I am ready for it! Minimal outfit planning needed for this weekend as they have provided us with a cute shirt! 😉

This weekend we will be introduced to more areas of the horse racing industry! More tours, meet and greets, and eye-catching scenery. There will be another round of elimination’s this upcoming weekend, from 50 girls to 20 girls. I have taken the time to prepare, I have a great support team and I have a positive mind to carry me through the weekend. Here we go!

Top 50

You can continue to follow my journey simply by searching #JJ4MRQ on social media or Google!

Until next time,

Jenn L.

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