The 2nd Weekend of #MsRacingQueen

I am having a ton of fun at Gulfstream Park for the Ms. Racing Queen contest. This past Saturday was filled with a lot of great memories. From testing our betting skills to meeting key players of the organization, it was entertaining! If you haven’t attend a horse race, add one on your bucket list, you’ll have a great time & I am confident you’ll be back.

Cigar - Gulfstream

Cigar – ‘Horse of the World’ at Gulfstream Park.

Leading Up to Saturday.

It is important that Ms. Racing Queen can talk the talk and walk the walk. Studying up on the industry and understanding the industry is critical. The directors and staff of The Stronach Group provided the contestants with literature to learn more about the sport. Each contestant was given homework, to recognize a lady in the horse racing industry who inspires you & who has made strides in the industry. (The winner will be recognized on the day of the final pageant & a donation will be made in her name.) I chose Julie Krone for her winning attitude and ‘can do’ personalty. Not to forget to mention the first female jockey to win the Triple Crown, first female inducted into the National Museum of Racing and hall of Fame.

My Experience.

The t-shirt was very comfortable and it looked great with skinny jeans and nude heels, a classy look. We got to meet a chaplain, photographer, trainer and few jockey’s! They each took the time to tell us their story, all so inspiring. Before branching off for fan interactions, each contestant got to place bets with a betting voucher!

A highlight of my day was testing my betting skills.This was a lot of fun! Based off of the literature they gave us and my research, I made my bets. It my first time walking up the counter and placing my bets. This made the day even more exciting because throughout the day, I was eager to watch the races & see if my horse won. It kept me on my toes all day! I even asked a fella for the results of Race 4.

My bets for the day!

Putting the  betting skills to the test!

The fan interaction was another highlight of my day. I didn’t want to approach anyone while a race was going on, so I walked down by the rail, took out my phone, and recorded the horses running up to the finish line. I felt so much energy! Everyone started to chant louder and louder, until the horses reached the finish line. I couldn’t help but to smile! 


To view the video on my Instagram, click this image.

Another mini Q&A session took place in the walking ring / paddock area. Each contestant introduced herself and was asked questions on the topics of Ms. Racing Queen and the horse racing. It was another opportunity to meet the judges and speak in front of the horse racing public.

The day wrapped up in the Winner’s Circle, a great way to finish the day! We were up close and personal for Race 8. It was at that moment that heard the sound of thunder the horses make when they run by. We took many photos in the Winner’s Circle & had a really great time.

In the Winner's Circle at Gulfstream Park.

In the Winner’s Circle at Gulfstream Park.

What’s Next?

Well, I have been selected as one of the top 20 semi finalist. So very excited! This upcoming weekend is Derby wear, yay! I have been taking the time to study and network. The directors are encouraging social media promotion among the contestants, so I have been on the channels tweeting and hashtaging away. I was even able to connect with a journalist from Americas Best Racing from twitter. Dan, so graciously took the time out of his day to chat with me about horse racing! He has a lot of savvy ideas to promote to the target market!

Tweeting Convo's :)t1

This weekend means another elimination. From the top 20 to the top 5 in each state. I’m a bit nervous, ok I am more than a ‘bit’ nervous. However, I am working hard and focusing on the important details. Nervous are totally normal =D. I truly feel I can do the job and be the candidate they are seeking.

Thank you to The Stronach Group for this amazing adventure. My time thus far has already been life changing.

Until next time,

Jenn L.

Continue to follow my journey with the hashtag #JJ4MRQ

To view the top 20 contestants of Gulfstream / Florida: click here

To view the top 20 contestants of Santa Anita / California: click here

PS: I have to give a shout out to my awesome boyfriend, James, such a great supporter of my adventure.

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