Guest Blogging:

As you may or may not know, I’ve fallen in love with horse racing. While preparing for the Ms. Racing Queen pageant I learned SO MUCH about horse racing and discovered a sport I care about. While tweeting away during the weeks of the Ms. Racing Queen competition, I met a fella named Dan. Dan hosts a website,, and so graciously took the time out of his day for a quick phone interview.

DanonymousRacing is a FREE website for horse racing fans everywhere. Dan and his team are passionate about providing everything a new or former horse racing fan needs to know. The site has free picks for upcoming races, jockey journals and handicapping contests.

Dan offered an opportunity to write a post for his site as a guest blogger. No questions asked, I was super excited! Check it out: Guide to Hosting a Kentucky Derby, by Jenn Johnson . The topic, hosting a derby party, was chosen because the Kentucky Derby, the first weekend in May, usually falls near my birthday, May 4th. Attending the Kentucky Derby has always been on my bucket list. Since falling in love with horse racing, it’s moved up a few spots on the list. (In fact, the next time the derby falls on my birthday is in 2019, I will be attending. I am ready to reserve lodging!)

My friends were all so excited for the derby! Everyone asked questions and was so pumped for the race. Mint juleps, of course, were part of the picture. One of my friends, Will, was SO EXCITED California Chrome won he paced for a good 10 min after the racing cheering and chanting. (Of course, I was happy too. His reaction was priceless!) It was pretty awesome to get my circle of friends pumped for the race. They all wanted to know when the next big race was going to occur. 

Needless to say, we are all pumped for the Preakness Stakes. Another celebration shall occur and this time we are going to set a GoPro on the T.V. to capture the excitement.


Until Next Time,

Jenn L.