Movie Review: American Sniper

Let me begin this post by saying I am by no means a movie ‘reviewer.’ In fact, I am not a big mover ‘go-er’. This is the second movie I’ve seen in theaters since 2012.

When I saw the trailer for American Sniper my boyfriend and I were watching television together. We immediately looked at each other and said at the same time, ‘I want to see that movie.’ Little did we know the impact that it would leave upon us.

The movie is filled with action that causes your heart rate to increase (literally my heart was beating out of my chest). The audience gets a better and clearer perspective of how our troops fighting for us overseas and what the families were going through while in the states. You’ll see defeat and feat. You’ll see laughs and cries. You’ll see a man who selflessly defended our country in one of the most risky positions.

When the movie was over and the lights turned out, the audience silently and slowly got out of their seats and left the theater. It was an energy of sorrow and pain. My friends and I agree it felt as though we were leaving a funeral. Everyone had their heads down. The movie was beautifully written and portrayed that it left such an impact on us.

I left the theater praying for Chris Kyles wife and children. I left the theater angry at the individual who took Chris’ life. I left the theater with a deeper understanding and deeper admiration for our troops.

Everyone should see American Sniper.

Check out this GREAT interview of Chris Kyle on

Until next time,

Jenn L.