This blog was created during my senior year of college, Fall 2013 – USF, as a platform for potential employers to learn more about me on a professional – personal level. Posts include the main topics of relations, public relations and traits. The blog was a major success factor in nailing down a full time, degree supported position and looking for a ‘big girl job.’  In the middle of April 2013, I accepted the position as account manager for Upright Communications and began working May 2013. I graduated from USF August 2013 with a Bachelors Degree in mass communications with a public relations concentration.

The blog has transitioned from job market theme to real world theme. The main idea of the real world theme is to post about topics such as managing adult situations, career challenges and product reviews. I hope to bring employment motivation among recent graduates, a source of laughter for all young adults and product review for every shopper.

If you have questions about any of the posts / topics / themes, please feel free to reach out to me.

All the Best,

Jennifer L. Johnson


JenniferLJohnson<—Click PDF to view resume

Port<—– Click PDF to view brief portfolio


My pitch:

•First job was at Cingular Wireless which merged to AT&T. I remember when picture messages and text messages where separate functions. Yes, I own the Nokia candy bar phone which plays snake!

•I am passionate about safety on the roadways. Seat belt activate and former lobbyist. Please save the text for when you are stopped.

•Crisis communications is my area of interest. Every company should have a crisis manual.


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