Using Blogs for PR!

There are many benefits of blogging for public relations. There are a few key outlines below 🙂

Five benefits of corporate blogging from MMI PR

1. “If corporate structure is a building, then blogs serve as the windows.” – MMI

– Corporate blog promotes transparency

-Allows customers to see what is going on internally within a company

-Good and bad reviews draws people into reading and staying up-to-date and creates a degree of trust

2.  Human voice to a company’s name

-Proven that society thrives on interaction

-Write the blog post as if you are writing to a familiar acquaintance

-Don’t just blog about current work that is being done but add posts about current events and trends

3. Clients and potential customers create the conversation

-Engage readers in a conversation to invite them to be a part of the blog

-Benefit of maintaining a blog is the ability to respond to comments

-Be proactive about responding to negative posts

4. Drive traffic to the Web site.

-The blog will create traffic to the Web site

-Proven that stock has risen with blogs

5. Measureable

-Able to tell what works and does not work

Exposure, EXPOSURE, exposure by Dianna Huff

1. It takes time to create the content, find followers and see results. It all pays off in the end!

2. Create original content for your blog. This can be time consuming but once you get into your groove, it will be routine.

3. Shows expertise but must do so in a quick way! Try to avoid lengthy posts in this case K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Silly) works best.

4. Expertise gets found…. people search the web and boom they find your blog!

5. Reporters come to you!


Top Tips by Business Benefits of Bloggers

1. Research! It is important to have accurate content on your blog but also find what works best for your company.

2. Follow positive bloggers for your company. This will help the image of the company in a positive light.

3. Build a relationship with the followers. Comment to create the reader / blogger interaction. They’ll be loyal to your blog!