Product Review: The Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club is a subscription company that sends its customers razors monthly. That is right, razors.  My coworker, Jacob, shared with me one of their promotional videos, a very tongue-in-cheek style YouTube video with over 13 million views that even had me persuaded to join the club.


…but I didn’t. I thought of my boyfriend immediately. He is always buying razors and complaining about them. I thought, why not give Dollar Shave Club a shot? I signed him up for the medium package of $6 a month and each month he receives a new set of blades. It was a hit on Christmas.

What is so awesome about this company is their customer service. It is easy  to downgrade to the lowest package of $1 or upgrade to the highest package of $9 (three different options of $1, $6 or $9.) Each time you downgrade or upgrade, you get a new handle. Before the next shipment of boxes (AKA: withdraw from banking account) they give you the option of changing blades, buying a new handle or adding another item to the shipment. The packaging is very manly and the tongue-in-cheek copy continues. At times, they will toss in a free sample with very off- the- wall products, like these One Wipe Charlies.


The Dollar Shave Club isn’t only for the fellas. My boyfriend didn’t go through all of his blades last month so I downgraded to the $1 package, got a new handle, and a new set of razor blades. Let me just say, the $1 option is well worth it.


Thumbs up to the Dollar Shave Club. From someone who is in the marketing industry, their material is very catchy. They openly address colon cancer & they have a mission of informing the public about colon cancer, a great CSR platform! Not to forget to mention, their website isn’t too shabby.


Until next time,


Jenn L.


Cingular Wireless & AT&T

Today, I want to write about a milestone in my life. My first job. Sales Representative for a Cingular Wireless Agent retail store. This position lasted throughout my Junior and Senior high school years and the beginning college years.

I began my journey with Cingular Wireless in the summer of 2006. A family friend of mine knew the owners, Albert and Armando,  looking for a sales representative. So, they brought me in for an interview and hired me on the spot. About 6 months after working at the retail store, Cingular Wireless was purchased by AT&T.

Yes, I remember the merger. Won’t forget  reassuring Cingular customers that their wireless plan has been ‘grandfathered in’ meaning their plan won’t change unless they change it. I also remember when text messages  and picture messages were sold as two different packages. Today, it is looked at as one. I won’t ever forget the customer who said, “5,000 text messages? That is way too much! Ill pick up the phone and call!” Wonder how many text messages that person is sending now… it is a must have!

Below are a few things I learned as a Cingular Wireless / AT&T Agent. 

•I will forever have the customer service number memorized!

•Customers want to be accommodated. Make time for them. I once made a customer so happy she bought me the Garth Brooks complete CD collection as a Christmas gift (we both loved Garth!). I made a difference in her life and she made an impact in mine!

•This is where I first encountered angry people. Someone who is angry at life… and their wireless bill. I quickly learned and adapted to customer resolutions!

•Mystery Shoppers were my favorite! I welcomed the pop quizzes on my performance.

•In order to activate an account, you must talk to a representative in customer care. Make them happy just by asking how their day is going.

•When activating the cell phone with a customer care representative you must read off a series of numbers. IMEI codes or SIM card codes. I learned that it is much easier and efficient to read the numbers off in a series of 3’s. 123-break-456-break-789-break

•People LOVE their rollover minutes!

•I had a customer walk in the store and say, “I want a phone with the biggest antenna!” He was pretty confused when I showed him the Trio 360 Palm Pilot. After working with him for 2 hours, I sold him a Motorola flip phone. He left with knowledge that the biggest antenna doesn’t necessarily help you get crazy service.

Photo of me during 2006 in front of the orange wall.

Photo of me in front of the famous orange wall –  2006

Heather was my mentor during this time period! She showed me the ropes of being a sales representative!

Heather was my mentor during this time period! She showed me the ropes of being a sales representative! Notice the accessories and collateral behind us?

Izzy and I decided to take a break to show off some dances moves!

Izzy and I decided to take a break to show off some dances moves!

NFL Super Bowl XLVII

Cheers, chants and a few silent cries were the sounds I heard during 47th Super Bowl. As a server at a local sports restaurant, Brick House Tavern and Tap (BH), these sounds are not foreign to me.

This was my second time working a football season and I must say the 2012-2013 season was special for me. Not because of  who was playing but because of who I was serving. During my first season, the 2011-2012 season, I met a group of people who I refer to as ‘my regulars’.

A group of friends who all share a common passion, a passion for football. Every Saturday and Sunday throughout the season they arrived at BH around 11 a.m. and usually stay until 9:30 p.m. They would cheer, chant,  and at times, shed a silent cry for their favorite team. This season, the 2012-2013 NFL football season, the relationship with my regulars grew into a friendship. We share stories and opinions, cheers and chants.

One of my regulars, Alex, wrote a nice note regarding the times we have shared together at BH.

Brick House <—- Click on the PDF to read!

PR Experiment : Nike

It is an understatement to say that social media is powerful. A discussion on Nike’s Facebook event wall was created in response to recently purchased shoes that fell apart.

Situation: My boyfriend (Jamie) owns a pair of Nike Free 4.0 tennis shoes, which he loves, and they fell apart. The shoe is designed to have a flexible / barefoot running comfort tennis shoes. After owning the shoes for a couple of months they fell apart.

What Happened Next?: Jamie was very upset that he spent $90 for a pair of tennis shoes that could not last for at least a year. I contacted Nike customer service to see what could be done…. since the shoes were NOT purchased from a Nike store, we were encouraged to speak to the place where they were purchased. After speaking with Hibbett Sports, we were told that there was nothing can be done.

This Can’t Be Right!: There must have been a production error… the shoes were not even a year old. I decided to buzz in Nikes ear. This was done by posting a picture of the shoes and a short description of what happened. This was posted on Nikes Facebook, Twitter and it was pinned on Pinterest.

Then What?: Nothing happened. I was left scratching my head trying to figure out how to get their attention.

Ta-da: I found a loop hole! During the Olympics Nike had a campaign, “find greatness,” where the company encouraged customers to find their greatness. Ways to find greatness were mostly active related such as beating a time in a run or swimming longer distance than normal. The event posted on FB was an open event where people said they were going to be participate and post about what they plan to do. I posted the picture of the shoes on the facebook open event and got the attention I was looking for!

Attention: As soon as it was posted on the event wall it went viral. People commented on it right away posting positive or negative reviews about the shoes and the customer service action that should take place. Nike responded to me and asked that we call the customer service line ASAP to work out the situation.  Each time someone commented on  the post or like the post the post was brought back to the top.

ScreenShots: Check out the screenshots to see how it all happened!

Result: Nike sent Jamie a voucher for $90 to be used either online or in the stores. He purchased the Kevin Durant tennis shoes and should be arriving any day now.