Survival of the Fittest – Job Hunt Edition.

I have come to the conclusion that the job hunt is survival of the fittest. You can chuckle or sigh at the comment but it is TRUE! Here is the deal…. I am a senior who is about to graduate this summer and I have applied for countless number of jobs. The job hunt began in February and the IDEAL plan was to have a position nailed down by April. Now, I have been blessed with a couple of interviews that has given me the interview experience. I don’t just want a job with an employer who doesn’t even know my nickname. I want a job with an employer who cares about ME and my work performance. A job with an employer who cares about the positive employee relations and their rich history.

So… below are the reasons why I think the job hunt is survival of the fittest.

• There are a ton of Do’s and Do Not’s for resume content…. talk about contradicting! 
• It is based off of individual preference… cannot please every single person and match their every want.
• I once had someone tell me that they did not like my personal branding efforts and that the only person who should have a graphic on their resume is an artist.
• …They teach us in school to always brand yourself! They say, “If you can’t brand yourself then why would a company trust you with branding responsibilities?”

EVERYONE is checking InDeed, CareerBuilder, Simply Hired… job boards. Seriously, the list could go on FOREVER!
• It is great that so many job board Websites are available to job seekers… but guess what? EVERY COLLEGE SENIOR IS LOOKING AT THE SAME BOARD! So this results in the company getting FLOODED with resumes!

Clean up your social media… no red solo cups!
•If you could not tell already… I am not one to bar hop, party hop or to take six shots of tequila. The “Clean up your social media,” thing wasn’t that big of an issue for me. However, I expect that the person who is interviewing me, for a major company, has THEIR social media cleaned up. The employer is evaluating me just as much as I am evaluating them.

• Company: “We are only interviewing on Friday.”
Me: Ok, it is Wednesday and I am scheduled to work a double on Friday. ” I am scheduled to work a double shift on Friday… could we schedule it either early in the morning on Friday, any time before 10:20 a.m., or another time early next week?”
• Company: “We being interviewing at 11 a.m….Do you get a break on Friday? We are located in Tampa and the interviews don’t last long, it will only take an hour.”
• Me: “I am scheduled to work two shifts in one day at a fast paced and high volume restaurant. It is difficult to leave for a period of time.”
• Company: ” Ok, you can call back next week and see where we are with the hiring.”
• Me: ????????????????

Do NOT wear…
•This is goes along with the resume in the sense that it is the employers opinion on either they like or dislike your presentation.
• They say, “Do not wear bright colors, do not wear too many accessories and do not wear strong perfume.”
• But, my style is mixed between Kate Spade and Milly! It is all about color and personality! This one I had a tough time with because I like to dress similar to my personality…. and I do not want to cover that up.
• Best advice I got on this subject, “Just dress conservative and once you get the job THEN you can dress with your personality”.  & “Just be yourself!”
• ….but I still added a tiny bit of color! ; – )

Overall, the entire process of being on the job hunt has been a roller coaster. Do not get me wrong, it has been an exciting process. I enjoy applying to different jobs and putting together the materials. I even snail mail employers my branding packages . Of course, I send a personal thank you letter to each person who considers me for a position. I must day that I am fortune enough to be employed at this moment and have a job. However, it is not the dream job for me but it is more than what some people have.

Must never give up!




Spring Break 2013

It is my last spring break as an undergraduate student. Most college seniors spend their time at the beach or at the pool with a few afternoon cocktails. However, I am spending my spring break studying for the Communications Law exam, helping out a couple of friends with their personal branding efforts, applying for jobs and learning Spanish. Have no fear, I am not looking for a pity party. I would not change the way I am spending my last spring break as an undergraduate student! I am a strong believer investing in my future career.

Check out the photos below 🙂

Communications Law Exam Study guide for the Communications Law exam. The blue highlights information that is placed on a flash card. The exam is set for the first Monday after spring break. As you can see it is 95 percent filled out!

Erin Personal Branding

My friend Erin is a hair stylist looking for a position at a hair salon. She needed help with personal branding and I wanted an excuse to explore with Adobe Indesign and Illustrator. This flower represents her well because of her free spirit personality. She is very flexible and goes with the flow. The sort of traits that is important in the cosmetology industry.

Tiffany Personal Branding

My friend Tiffany is looking for a clerical position in the health care industry. She needed help with personal branding and I wanted an excuse to explore with Adobe Indesign and Illustrator! This flower represents Tiffany well as she is an ambitious individual who is not afraid to take a challenge. Currently, she is studying Radiology and has an impressive 3.7 grade point average.

Tiffany Personal Branding 2Almost done with the personal branding for Tiffany!

Applying to jobsGraduation is quickly approaching and I am on the quest to land the perfect job! Applying online to various job postings is what everyone tends to do…. However, I am hoping to stand out by sending my personal branding package to employers via snail mail!

SpanishThe last class needed to graduate from the University of South Florida is Spanish 2. Interesting huh? So I have a couple of different options to speed up the process.

1. Take the exempt test. However, I have to test past Spanish 2 or I could jinx myself in retaking Spanish 1 and then taking Spanish 2 which would push back the date even further.

2. Take the Spanish 2 class over the summer semester and be done! (My goal is summer A but the summer schedule is not posted yet. Worst case scenario is Summer B or C)

Either way I need to learn Spanish! I am halfway done with the 5 CD program! I must say that it is working!

photo….Ah yes. My choice of music makes for smooth sailing! Cannot go wrong with John Lennon!!!

Until next time,

Jenn L.

Nordstrom All-Star September 2010

A little background as to how I fell into the arms of Nordstrom.

Lets time travel to December 2009….. I was the operations coordinator for Hollywood Obsessions. I got word from the corporate office that the store was going to be closing and we were going to be out of jobs within the next couple of months. Although this was devastating, I learned a lot about closing down a store and the operations / managerial aspect that is required. I committed to stay with Hollywood Obsessions until we closed the doors for the last time.

…But that doesn’t mean my bills get paid by a magical money tree! I had to find a job! So the job hunt began.

*Please note 1-3 occurred in a 2-3 week time period.

1) Interview with Express and landed the job. This only lasted through the orientation phase because….

2) I interviewed with Michael Kors and landed the job. Started out on the sales floor with potential to move up to assistant manager. ….but this didn’t last very long because…

3) Nordstrom called… and I landed the job.

I began working for Nordstrom in the B.P (juniors) department. I absolutely loved it. Nordstrom taught me about exceptional customer service, how to make customers fall in love with you and how to run a business. I viewed the department as my store and my goal was to increase my sales.

September 2010 I was granted the Nordstrom All-Star award. The most prestigious award given to any Nordstrom employee. In complete shock at the rally, the manager Debra read a note about me. To say the least… I was blushing.

This was written from my supervisor, Amanda.

“J.J is the definition of a Nordstrom All-Star! She is consistently wowing her customers and making them feel as though they are the only one around. She truly just wants to make the customer happy and always seems to do this was a dedicated and professional ease. She concentrates on what the customers style is and offers thing to bring their wardrobe to the next level. She has a can-do attutdude. Nothing is ever a problem with J.U. She jumps at every challenge given to her. J.J. recently took over as the Savvy Ella Moss Specialist and achieved the #2 increase in the company .She jumps at he opportunity to help out her fellow departments from B.P., Via C, to St. John. She is up for anything you throw at her. J.J. continually strives to briner her business to the next level through building strong and lasting relationships with her customers. J.J’s customers are always impressed by her service and are inspired to write numerous letters to let me know how much they love her. We are so happy to have J.J. as part of our team and I can’t wait to see her continue down the pyramid of success!”

The benefits of being a Nordstrom All-Star:

1. 33% discount (highest discount one can recieve…. even store managers)

2. Photo on the wall

3. Special business cards

4. $100 bonus

and much more!

So lucky to receive this award !