News to Share!

I’ve got exciting news to share….I have decided to enter the Ms Racing Queen (MRQ) contest! What does that mean, exactly? The organization, The Stronach Group, which is hosting the MRQ contest has a very active role in the thoroughbred horse racing industry. It just so happens that The Stronach Group is looking for a representative to promote the thoroughbred horse racing industry, otherwise known as the Sport of Kings, on a national level.

….& It gets better

Based off of research, the role of MRQ has a lot of open space in the public relations & online marketing industries, two industries I absolutely love. Sure, the MRQ contest is a ‘beauty pageant’ but they are not looking for the traditional pageant girl. Yes, I do have pageant experience (remember the blogs Glossophobia? Not Me! & Strawberry Queen Pageant? ) but that is not where I am getting the urge to enter the contest. From what I gathered, they are looking for a representative to help brand the MRQ organization and The Stronach Group by being active in the thoroughbred racing industry, a task I know I can do! The thoroughbred racing industry is something that has always captured my interest and I have become familiar with it :). [Fun Fact: Going to the Kentucky Derby has always been on my bucket list.]

The Details.

The MRQ contest begins on March 1st at Gulfstream Race Park, every Saturday in March. March 2nd at Santa Anita Park (another property owned by The Stronach Group) in Calif., another group of ladies are competing for the title. Every weekend, in each state, a group of gals will be eliminated. On March 22nd, the top five in each state will compete for the title of Ms Racing Queen.

Follow My Journey!

You can follow my journey and cheer me on by visiting the hashtag, #JJ4MRQ (#MsRacingQueen or #MsRacingQueen2014) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & WordPress. I will be posting throughout the events =D!


Super excited and cannot wait until March 1st!

Until Next Time,

Jenn L.

*Updated on 2/21/2014 @ 9:50 p.m.



What in the world is newsjacking? David Meerman Scott defines newsjacking as:

“The process by which you inject your ideas or angles into breaking news, in real-time, in order to generate media coverage for yourself or your business.”

In a keynote speech from Mr. Scott, he tells a story of the Oakley sunglass company giving the trapped Chilean miners each a pair of sunglasses. The result was a whole lot of CSR & publicity…. oh and a projected $41 million in equivalent advertisement time.

As account manager at Upright Communications, I have been given the responsibility as social media manager for several accounts. One account, in particularly, was given an opportunity to experience newsjacking. In the location of the company, there was a news story shared on Twitter about a man whose tires and wheels were stolen off of his car. The trend of stealing tires and wheels has been a noticeable trend in the area. After clearance from proper management, the company extended a special discount to get the man back on the road again.

The entire newjacking process was such a rush and exciting!

The victim and his family has vowed to be a customer and sincerely appreciated the special offer. Although, the coverage did not hit the media, we did inject our ideas into breaking news, in a real-time order and it was exposed on Twitter.

Check out the Tweet from David Meerman Scott 🙂


Until next time,


Knock, Knock?

Whose there?

Perhaps you’ve wondered where I have been? Well, have no fear! I am here! After the  hustle and bustle of the final spring semester, I dedicated my time to a staycation. Yes, a staycation. What is that? Well… it is a time for me to do all the things I never have time to do such as watch television, cook, clean, walk the dog, etc, all from my home. It is a mini-vacation from all of stress life causes and a chance from me to breath and relax!

This blog will be dedicated to a few things I’ve done while on my staycation

1. Television. My FAVORITE channel is the E! channel.  As a fashion guru, it just makes sense!

2. Cook! Yay! The other day I made breaded chicken with marinara sauce with a side quinoa and spinach salad!

3. Clean! …so boring yet so important! After stumbling upon this video from Melissa Maker… I got inspired to clean! (Great gal who created her own space / publicity on the internet!)

4. Walk the dog! Woof! My roommate dog loves to go on walks!

5. Cleaned out the closet (to make room for more clothes)! I try to clean out my closet twice a year and donate the clothes to an organization who will use them! This time I am donating my clothes to H&M ! (Way to go H&M for CSR!)

6. I stumbled upon the fabulous Melissa Bender and I have fallen in love with her at home workouts! Seriously, these are the best!!!!!!!!!!  (Another gal who created her own space / publicity on the internet!)

7. Book review! I have been asked to write a book review!! Super excited! This is something very new to me and I figured…. why not!? It is a recently published fictional novel!

Next week I begin a very exciting chapter in my life! I do not want to post too much about it because I don’t want to jinx myself but just know that it is super exciting!

May the force be with you!

-Jenn L.

Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

The main purpose of creating the blog is to show potential employers who I am. Not just another resume that has entered their database and not just another candidate who has an adjective filled letter of recommendation. A real sneak peek of me, my personality and my professional skills.

With that being said, this blog post will focus on my core values of a healthy mind, body and soul.

MIND: I do my best to keep an open mind to learn something new. Not just text book study materials about communications and campaign case analysis (PR Newswire) but study materials on leadership skills (The One Minute Manager) or personal freedom (The Four Agreements). It is important to me that I maintain a positive energy and thoughts! Besides, life is so much easier when you focus on the positive instead of the negative! I suppose you could say that I am a peace maker or a hippie at heart. Or, as Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King say ,”Hakuna matata!” (A problem free philosophy!)

BODY: I do my best to eat healthy and exercise. I mostly eat fish, veggies and chocolate.  I suppose I could be tagged as a pescetarian but I am not the type of person who follows that diet 100 percent. I will eat chicken every now and then but do not eat a lot of  other land animals. This is actually interesting because I grew up on a ranch and totally understand the food chain. I became more interested in eating only fish and vegetables because of the harmful and inhuman ways slaughter house kill and treat the animals. I wouldn’t call myself a ‘runner’ because I have only participated in one 5K but I enjoy running to clear my mind and as a main source of cardio. I always run a mile before lifting weights and my goal is to run a mile in 10 minutes or less! I try to exercise at least four to five times a week! I always say, “20 minutes of exercise is ahead of any coach potato!”

SOUL: As much as I believe in staying healthy and such…. I believe it is good for the soul to indulge in chocolate! I am a proud member of Godiva chocolate company and I get one free piece of chocolate a month! Of course, I visit the boutique at least two to three times a month! I believe it is also good for the soul to go on vacation and always have a new outfit for your birthday and holidays. If one does not take a vacation, at least once a year, then they are working way too much. I am not talking about a vacation to another country (although that would be super) but a vacation to release work stress. A vacation to focus on the number one person… YOU! The new outfit thing is great because it makes you feel better about yourself and extra special!

I hope this provides more an insight as to who I am!