Product Review: The Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club is a subscription company that sends its customers razors monthly. That is right, razors.  My coworker, Jacob, shared with me one of their promotional videos, a very tongue-in-cheek style YouTube video with over 13 million views that even had me persuaded to join the club.


…but I didn’t. I thought of my boyfriend immediately. He is always buying razors and complaining about them. I thought, why not give Dollar Shave Club a shot? I signed him up for the medium package of $6 a month and each month he receives a new set of blades. It was a hit on Christmas.

What is so awesome about this company is their customer service. It is easy  to downgrade to the lowest package of $1 or upgrade to the highest package of $9 (three different options of $1, $6 or $9.) Each time you downgrade or upgrade, you get a new handle. Before the next shipment of boxes (AKA: withdraw from banking account) they give you the option of changing blades, buying a new handle or adding another item to the shipment. The packaging is very manly and the tongue-in-cheek copy continues. At times, they will toss in a free sample with very off- the- wall products, like these One Wipe Charlies.


The Dollar Shave Club isn’t only for the fellas. My boyfriend didn’t go through all of his blades last month so I downgraded to the $1 package, got a new handle, and a new set of razor blades. Let me just say, the $1 option is well worth it.


Thumbs up to the Dollar Shave Club. From someone who is in the marketing industry, their material is very catchy. They openly address colon cancer & they have a mission of informing the public about colon cancer, a great CSR platform! Not to forget to mention, their website isn’t too shabby.


Until next time,


Jenn L.


Product Review: Scrub Daddy


Allow me to introduce you to a fighting scrub brush that should be in everyone’s home, Scrub Daddy.

The Scrub Daddy was introduced to me by my boyfriend, James. He discovered the Scrub Daddy while watching Shark Tank. A television show where entrepreneurs pitch business ideas to wealthy, celebrity type investors. These individuals have backgrounds with very successful businesses and are looked to as credible investors. The Scrub Daddy was picked up on the SharkTank!

The Scrub Daddy is perfect for anyone that has dishes in their sink, aka: EVERYONE. It has a texture similar to an exfoliating cleansing luffa / loofah sponge. As it says on the package,  Scrub Daddy is  firm but flexible and changes firmness / softness depending on temperature of the water. The Scrub Daddy can be used for dishes and many other tasks around the house.

Yes, it works…..& it works great. The price is totally affoardable. I bought two for $9.00 or so, with free shipping at Bed Bath and Beyond. If anyone in my family is reading this, don’t be surprised if you get this for Christmas. I really believe everyone needs this gem in your kitchen!

Take it from someone who doesn’t have a dishwasher & it’s 2013,

Jenn L.

Scrub Daddy YouTube