More than a College Student / Recent Grad!

I am faced with a challenge, a big, big, big challenge. The challenge is that employers may be viewing me as a college student / recent grad. Now, what is the problem with that? I am MUCH MORE than a college student / recent grad. I have an extensive resume and work history that separates me from other college students / recent grads.

Take a look at few of the task I’ve completed:

•Traveled on business to L.A. (four times) , Las Vegas (five times), Miami and Chicago (two times).
• L.A., Calif., four times for an intentional convention, iPOP, a five day convention that required me to work the entire time. The convention required me to manage a group of people (30-40) the entire process from departing Tampa to arriving in L.A. and while at the convention. The position also required me to do a great deal of networking and relationship building.

• Las Vegas, Nev., four times for the above international convention, iPOP.
• Las Vegas, Nev., one time for the major buyers convention,  Magic Market, Pool and ENK. This trip was far different then any other as it was my first time exposure to a buyers conventions and all of the logistics. I had to network and build relationships while at the convention, negotiate with vendors on the best price point of sale and learn how to say no to a vendor when I really wanted to shout yes! I also had to manage the boutique while at the convention to make certain the employees handled the operations correctly.
• Miami, Fla., for the Coast Show, same responsibilities as listed above
• Chicago, Ill., one time for the buyers convention, Chicago Market, same responsibilities as listed in the fifth trip Las Vegas, Nev.
• Chicago, Ill, one time for a major company interview. Process required a meet and greet and extensive interview.

•Terminate an employee. Yes, I had to terminate an employee. This was not done immediately but after many coaching sessions with the employee. The employee was not the right fit for the organization, was not passionate about the roles and responsibilities and was a risk to the organization as the employee did not operate the point of sales system correctly. It was not fun terminating the employee as I had a working relationship with the employee.

•Created events from the beginning to ending stages! The main mission of one of the events was to create awareness among the target public. The event was a fashion show of which I coordinated from fitting the models with the proper outfits to working with the venue. In fact, one of the models did not show up to the fashion shoot of which the images were supposed to be used for promotional collateral. Guess who had to fill the spot, me!
•I have coordinated several other fashion shows and events. All of which required a real ‘all hands on deck’ participation.

•Spoke at company rallies to motivate and inform peers of the Ella Moss brand. I even created a game for partnering departments employees to increase sales of the brand. Within the first month, I had the #2 increase in the company.

Photo of the promotional collateral for the fashion show.

Photo of the promotional collateral for the fashion show.

The original image used in promotional collateral.

The list could go on and on but what I really want the reader to understand is that I am much more than just a college student / recent grad! I can build relationships with peers, I can negotiate, I can train peers, I can lead and above all I can complete all of the tasks while displaying a professional manner at all times.

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Do we remember Myspace? Perhaps this was the ‘jump-start’ of social media and social media networking? Myspace was created in 2003 and is still functioning today. However, Myspace was the social networking site… at one point in time.

Lets travel back to 2009. During this time I was involved with photo shoots, planning fashion shows and a couple of hair and make up gigs. I took this opportunity to start a hobby, or maybe even a small business. It was called, Style By Jenn and it was on Myspace. I connected with a local photographer, Bill, and explained to him the potential of working together.

I saw an opportunity to increase revenue, so I tried! Basically, the idea was to sell each others business. I promoted his work as a photographer and he promoted my work as an artist. He took the pictures and I helped pick out the outfits for the shoot, made sure their hair was styled on location and make up was polished on location. Myspace acted as my ‘hub-spot’ or my Website. I created a portfolio of work to feature.

The partnership was successful! We worked on 4 or 5 shoots together. I learned a lot during this adventure. Social networking and networking. Showing up on time and being professional was of importance.  Check out the photos below!

On location!

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.12.03 PM

Screen shot !

Interesting how Myspace fizzled out and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc fizzled up. Wonder where our social media will be in four more years!?

Until next time,

Jenn L.

The Associated Press – Stylebook!

I would like to introduce you to the one thing I could not live without as a public relations student / aspiring practitioner, The Associated PressStylebook! After all, writing(…and editing) is a major component of the public relations industry!

About 90 percent of the core communication classes I have completed at the University of South Florida had AP style quizzes! The public relations (…and other relations) industries has grown over the last few years, it is easy to overlook  a couple of AP style rules.

Below are a few of what I found…. most shocking! 

Eight states not abbreviated: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah.

Percent: Is written out, no matter what!

Peahen/Peacock: Female / male and together they are peafowl.

half-and-half: Just like that!

Dr Pepper: Trademark (…and no period after Dr)

I am certain there are a few that know and practice every rule. That is a goal of mine. Until I become the wise pro which is only built with experience, I always double check the content.


NFL Super Bowl XLVII

Cheers, chants and a few silent cries were the sounds I heard during 47th Super Bowl. As a server at a local sports restaurant, Brick House Tavern and Tap (BH), these sounds are not foreign to me.

This was my second time working a football season and I must say the 2012-2013 season was special for me. Not because of  who was playing but because of who I was serving. During my first season, the 2011-2012 season, I met a group of people who I refer to as ‘my regulars’.

A group of friends who all share a common passion, a passion for football. Every Saturday and Sunday throughout the season they arrived at BH around 11 a.m. and usually stay until 9:30 p.m. They would cheer, chant,  and at times, shed a silent cry for their favorite team. This season, the 2012-2013 NFL football season, the relationship with my regulars grew into a friendship. We share stories and opinions, cheers and chants.

One of my regulars, Alex, wrote a nice note regarding the times we have shared together at BH.

Brick House <—- Click on the PDF to read!

Guest Relations!

I have started to write e-mails for LFC. This gives me exposure communicating with the guest and answering any frequently asked questions. Guest relations is very important aspect of many companies and at LFC it is no different. My goal is to communicate with each inquiry in a positive way and send them to our main website, FB and Pinterest to offer more visuals of the properties.

I write each e-mail as a draft and then re-read each e-mail out loud (smiling of course to sound friendly) to make certain it flows properly. After I double check my work a LFC team member proof reads it (because mistakes can happen) before sending it off to the client.

Writing e-mails is actually a lot of fun! I feel like I wait by the computer for the response 🙂