Nordstrom All-Star September 2010

A little background as to how I fell into the arms of Nordstrom.

Lets time travel to December 2009….. I was the operations coordinator for Hollywood Obsessions. I got word from the corporate office that the store was going to be closing and we were going to be out of jobs within the next couple of months. Although this was devastating, I learned a lot about closing down a store and the operations / managerial aspect that is required. I committed to stay with Hollywood Obsessions until we closed the doors for the last time.

…But that doesn’t mean my bills get paid by a magical money tree! I had to find a job! So the job hunt began.

*Please note 1-3 occurred in a 2-3 week time period.

1) Interview with Express and landed the job. This only lasted through the orientation phase because….

2) I interviewed with Michael Kors and landed the job. Started out on the sales floor with potential to move up to assistant manager. ….but this didn’t last very long because…

3) Nordstrom called… and I landed the job.

I began working for Nordstrom in the B.P (juniors) department. I absolutely loved it. Nordstrom taught me about exceptional customer service, how to make customers fall in love with you and how to run a business. I viewed the department as my store and my goal was to increase my sales.

September 2010 I was granted the Nordstrom All-Star award. The most prestigious award given to any Nordstrom employee. In complete shock at the rally, the manager Debra read a note about me. To say the least… I was blushing.

This was written from my supervisor, Amanda.

“J.J is the definition of a Nordstrom All-Star! She is consistently wowing her customers and making them feel as though they are the only one around. She truly just wants to make the customer happy and always seems to do this was a dedicated and professional ease. She concentrates on what the customers style is and offers thing to bring their wardrobe to the next level. She has a can-do attutdude. Nothing is ever a problem with J.U. She jumps at every challenge given to her. J.J. recently took over as the Savvy Ella Moss Specialist and achieved the #2 increase in the company .She jumps at he opportunity to help out her fellow departments from B.P., Via C, to St. John. She is up for anything you throw at her. J.J. continually strives to briner her business to the next level through building strong and lasting relationships with her customers. J.J’s customers are always impressed by her service and are inspired to write numerous letters to let me know how much they love her. We are so happy to have J.J. as part of our team and I can’t wait to see her continue down the pyramid of success!”

The benefits of being a Nordstrom All-Star:

1. 33% discount (highest discount one can recieve…. even store managers)

2. Photo on the wall

3. Special business cards

4. $100 bonus

and much more!

So lucky to receive this award !