Seatbelts Save Lives. Fact.


My friend, Katie Marchetti, passed away in 2006. As soon as I heard the news, I made a personal vow to ALWAYS wear my seat belt. She would have survived the car accident if she was wearing the seatbelt.

Ill be honest, I was never concerned about wearing my seatbelt until Katie passed away.

Since her passing, I have represented the Katie Marchetti Foundation at various speaking engagements. One of which was at the state capital as a lobbyist. Our lobbying agenda was to convince law makers to change the law. At the time of her death until June 2009 the Florida seatbelt law was a secondary law. Meaning that anyone under the age of 18 could be pulled over for not wearing their seatbelt. Even law enforcement has told me that it is difficult to enforce the law because it is hard to judge the drivers age.

The current law is a primary law. Anyone and everyone who is not wearing the seatbelt can be pulled over and ticketed a minimum of $75. If the passenger is under the age of 16 the driver must pay the seat belt fine. The reason for this, it is common knowledge to a 16 year old (due to the legal driving age) to know about the requirements.

I have spoken at many teen events, middle schools, class rooms and other places doing my best to encourage everyone to always buckle up. Seat belt safety was my platform while competing in the Miss America preliminary scholarship pageants.

I am proud to say that I made an influence on the law change and hope that I have made an impact on others. 


Redbull Flugtag Pilot ’11

About this time last year my teammates pushed me off of a 3-story high flight deck and I flew 22 feet into the Channelside Bay. Why would I do this? Redbull Flugtag!

The team at set-up night.

Redbull Flugtag is an event that host teams attempting to fly a man-made  aircraft. The event took place in Tampa, Fla., and attracted more than 100,000 people! The Brickhouse Tavern and Tap team applies and was chosen to participate! Tiffany, Sarah, Heather, Tara and I created the design of the aircraft and collaborated with a team of engineers who developed the device!

The event was so much fun!

How did Brickhouse get involved: It all began with 6 gals who were convinced that Flugtag could bring a ton of publicity to the restaurant.

Application: Redbull must screen all applicants. This process required a rough draft of flying machine and reasons as to why the team should be selected to particpate. I created the website that was used for our application process. The video on the sit was filmed by a student who worked at the restaurant.  Check out our website.

Building stiletto : A team of engineers put together the major components of the air craft and the team dazzled it up = D

What was learned :

1. To be on point at all times. This was a very high profile event with media outlets all over the place. As a team member and pilot I was representing Brickhouse Tavern and Tap.

2. Be prepared for interviews. Journalist from all over were covering the event and with that being said, I must have done over 100 interviews. One of the interviews took place on the flight deck just before take off. There was no hint that an interview would take place so last minute.

3. Think fast. The winds were the major concern for the event as they were super strong. This altered original flight plan and caused me to move faster than expected during flight.

Over all the event gave me a glimpse into the word of publicity, brand representation, promoting, public speaking and much more!