Product Review: The Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club is a subscription company that sends its customers razors monthly. That is right, razors.  My coworker, Jacob, shared with me one of their promotional videos, a very tongue-in-cheek style YouTube video with over 13 million views that even had me persuaded to join the club.


…but I didn’t. I thought of my boyfriend immediately. He is always buying razors and complaining about them. I thought, why not give Dollar Shave Club a shot? I signed him up for the medium package of $6 a month and each month he receives a new set of blades. It was a hit on Christmas.

What is so awesome about this company is their customer service. It is easy  to downgrade to the lowest package of $1 or upgrade to the highest package of $9 (three different options of $1, $6 or $9.) Each time you downgrade or upgrade, you get a new handle. Before the next shipment of boxes (AKA: withdraw from banking account) they give you the option of changing blades, buying a new handle or adding another item to the shipment. The packaging is very manly and the tongue-in-cheek copy continues. At times, they will toss in a free sample with very off- the- wall products, like these One Wipe Charlies.


The Dollar Shave Club isn’t only for the fellas. My boyfriend didn’t go through all of his blades last month so I downgraded to the $1 package, got a new handle, and a new set of razor blades. Let me just say, the $1 option is well worth it.


Thumbs up to the Dollar Shave Club. From someone who is in the marketing industry, their material is very catchy. They openly address colon cancer & they have a mission of informing the public about colon cancer, a great CSR platform! Not to forget to mention, their website isn’t too shabby.


Until next time,


Jenn L.