The Associated Press – Stylebook!

I would like to introduce you to the one thing I could not live without as a public relations student / aspiring practitioner, The Associated PressStylebook! After all, writing(…and editing) is a major component of the public relations industry!

About 90 percent of the core communication classes I have completed at the University of South Florida had AP style quizzes! The public relations (…and other relations) industries has grown over the last few years, it is easy to overlook  a couple of AP style rules.

Below are a few of what I found…. most shocking! 

Eight states not abbreviated: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah.

Percent: Is written out, no matter what!

Peahen/Peacock: Female / male and together they are peafowl.

half-and-half: Just like that!

Dr Pepper: Trademark (…and no period after Dr)

I am certain there are a few that know and practice every rule. That is a goal of mine. Until I become the wise pro which is only built with experience, I always double check the content.