The 3rd Weekend of #MsRacingQueen

The 3rd weekend of Ms. Racing Queen was as fun as the first two. The Gulfstream Park contestants got a chance to test their betting skills, a special tour of the backside and another mini Q&A question in the walking ring.

Leading up to Saturday.

The attire for the day was derby wear! That meant two things… dresses & hats! My approach for the contest was to take each weekend as they come. Even though I knew derby was going to be the attire for week three, I didn’t buy a hat since I wasn’t sure if I’d be selected to return. I was pretty excited to shop for a hat but wanted to do so on a realistic budget. So, I went to TJ Maxx and picked up the first big sun hat I found. It happened to be PERFECT! It was colorful & it was my favorite designer, Kate Spade. A match made in heaven, I purchased the $40 hat! I already had the dress from over a year ago and it was purchased at Plato’s Closet, originally from Express.

Kate Spade hat (from TJ Maxx), Plato's Closet dress (from Express), Express belt (had in my closet) and Journey's shoes (not pictured)(had in my closet).

Kate Spade hat (from TJ Maxx), Plato’s Closet dress (from Express), Express belt (had in my closet) and Journey’s shoes (not pictured)(had in my closet).

My Experience.

The backside tour was for sure a highlight of my day. The Stronach Group has done a great job providing for the workers and making the facilities functional for both the horses and the workers. There are dorms on site that can compete with most college dorms, the barns are in great condition and the horses even drink filtered water!

Followed by the backside tour was another chance to test our betting skills. A lot of my bets won! Yay! It is such a fun feeling to cheer for your horse and collect the winnings. Even if it was a $2 bet, you could still win $20 or more! That is what I really like about horse racing, you can bet as little as $2 on a couple of horses, spend only $20 for the day, have a lot of fun and still make a great profit!

Another mini Q&A session took place in the walking ring. It was pretty quick, each contestant was asked one question before making the elimination from 20 girls to five. This was a pretty nerve wrecking part of the event. We had no idea the elimination was going to happen after the question!

Backside tour mini photo shoot with one of the horses!

Backside tour mini photo shoot with one of the horses!

What’s Next?

I did not make the final five selection. I was pretty bummed about it but looking back at all of the experiences and memories I’ve gained, it was well worth the adventure! Not to forget to mention, both James and I were able to benefit from our trip to Hallandale. While I was at Gulfstream, James was able to fly with this father and build his hours! A win-win for us!

Sometimes in life, you don’t get what you want, and that is just the way the cookie crumbles. I remember during my job hunt adventure, I wanted one particular position very badly. When I didn’t get it, I was so sad and disappointed. I felt defeated in the job market. Shortly there after, Upright Communications called. I am beyond glad they did! It is the perfect position and with the perfect dynamics I was seeking. Looking back, I am happy the other company rejected me. Upright Communications is where I belong!

As Johnnie Walker says, keep walking. “Your entire life, every routine, every risk, every moment, every step forward and every step back, had led you here. To the next step. & it has the power to change everything. It has lead you to the next step.” I only wonder, what the future has in store for me!

Thank you, Mr. Frank Stronach for a special glimpse of the horse racing industry.

Until next time,

Jenn L.