Knock, Knock?

Whose there?

Perhaps you’ve wondered where I have been? Well, have no fear! I am here! After the  hustle and bustle of the final spring semester, I dedicated my time to a staycation. Yes, a staycation. What is that? Well… it is a time for me to do all the things I never have time to do such as watch television, cook, clean, walk the dog, etc, all from my home. It is a mini-vacation from all of stress life causes and a chance from me to breath and relax!

This blog will be dedicated to a few things I’ve done while on my staycation

1. Television. My FAVORITE channel is the E! channel.  As a fashion guru, it just makes sense!

2. Cook! Yay! The other day I made breaded chicken with marinara sauce with a side quinoa and spinach salad!

3. Clean! …so boring yet so important! After stumbling upon this video from Melissa Maker… I got inspired to clean! (Great gal who created her own space / publicity on the internet!)

4. Walk the dog! Woof! My roommate dog loves to go on walks!

5. Cleaned out the closet (to make room for more clothes)! I try to clean out my closet twice a year and donate the clothes to an organization who will use them! This time I am donating my clothes to H&M ! (Way to go H&M for CSR!)

6. I stumbled upon the fabulous Melissa Bender and I have fallen in love with her at home workouts! Seriously, these are the best!!!!!!!!!!  (Another gal who created her own space / publicity on the internet!)

7. Book review! I have been asked to write a book review!! Super excited! This is something very new to me and I figured…. why not!? It is a recently published fictional novel!

Next week I begin a very exciting chapter in my life! I do not want to post too much about it because I don’t want to jinx myself but just know that it is super exciting!

May the force be with you!

-Jenn L.


LFC Welcome Letter!

When the guest first walk into the Osprey Cottage they are greeted with a warm and cozy feeling. After taking a few steps the guest will see the “Welcome Letter” which was created by yours truly!

The Welcome Letter is designed to answer any frequently asked questions guest may have, a few fun facts and the ever so popular WiFi access information!

I had a lot of fun designing the letter! Check it out!

LFCwelcome Letter!

Guest Relations!

I have started to write e-mails for LFC. This gives me exposure communicating with the guest and answering any frequently asked questions. Guest relations is very important aspect of many companies and at LFC it is no different. My goal is to communicate with each inquiry in a positive way and send them to our main website, FB and Pinterest to offer more visuals of the properties.

I write each e-mail as a draft and then re-read each e-mail out loud (smiling of course to sound friendly) to make certain it flows properly. After I double check my work a LFC team member proof reads it (because mistakes can happen) before sending it off to the client.

Writing e-mails is actually a lot of fun! I feel like I wait by the computer for the response 🙂